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Wow! Jacquelyn Jones and Success 2 Life Coaching has been and continues to be an incredible resource to create a unique and lasting transformation for both my personal and professional life!  Prior to meeting Jacquelyn I don’t think that I really believed I could have whole life success. As a wife and mother of three young children I operated within the belief that I could only have one or the other… 1) Be a “good” mother or 2) have a thriving business. This left me feeling stuck and constantly torn on where and how my time was spent. Feeling this way came as a surprise because I have always placed myself within growth environments and read many books to support my goals. Through Jacquelyn’s coaching and instruction I have been able to break through some of my “old” beliefs and realize that I can have the success I desire, have it on my terms and in complete alignment in my values. This one-to-one coaching has been crucial to breaking old thought patterns and re-enforcing the new ones. The shift in mindset that was created while coaching with Jacquelyn wouldn’t have been reached by listening to audio or reading books on my own. I am so excited I chose to invest in myself and my business!  Challenges still exist and within my life and business and I am now equipped to handle each of them with new skill sets and thought patterns that allow me to breakthrough in ways that I hadn’t been able to before. My life and business performance, time management, vision, leadership, and branding have all been and continue to be enhanced. This type of coaching must be a priority for every business owner no matter the industry!
A. Stephens - Denver, Colorado
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jacquelyn for the past 5 months. Going into the program I didn’t know what exactly to expect. What I did know was the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results. The insanity needed to stop five months ago and I was thriving and praying to find something/someone to help in guiding me to grow and get the life I’ve always wanted and deserved. I’m so glad I was introduced to Jacquelyn and fortunate to start working with her. Through her program, I’ve been able to start implementing a new skill set to get rid of my “old” limiting beliefs and false identity that were holding me back. All areas: business, relationships, spirituality, finances are prospering and growing in the right direction. Our journey this past five months have been amazing and I’m so excited to continue our program. Cheers to the future and our partnership to success!
C. Torres - Thorton, Colorado
I want to share my experience of knowing Jacquelyn Jones in regards to her Success 2 Life coaching. I had the honor of enrolling into her Dream Builder program several months ago. I must say her knowledge, experience and technique have been very instrumental in helping me in transforming my life and realizing my goals every day. Jacquelyn’s program has helped me to realize my old habits of thinking, and how those thoughts impact the laws of attraction with the Universe. She has taught me how to direct those thoughts in a positive manner. It has proven itself many times over to be very enriching in all areas of my life. Not only personally but on a professional level as well. It has helped me to focus and achieve my important possibilities, and turn those possibilities into realities. Jacquelyn has wonderful energy that expels onto the world around her. It is a privilege to have her guidance to help one realize how to, “Experience a greater flow of abundance, more joy, self-worth, and confidence as you master manifesting success!” Thank you Jacquelyn!
S. Chauncey - Westminster, Colorado
Through Jacquelyn’s inspiring and motivating workshop, I received practical tools, which immediately helped me define, design and truly step forward to LIVE from a deeper place within me and go for my dream.
R. Kelly - Boulder, Colorado
Ever since I started my journey with Jacquelyn, life seems more meaningful. I am charged up with energy and enthusiasm.  I have become a much more positive person because I am actively pursuing my goals from a deeper place within me.  I have become more effective in my business and personal life and my relationship with my wife Sandy is soaring.  She is true to her message.
C. Ackerman - Tuscon, Arizona
Jacquelyn Jones is a woman of integrity, power, intelligence, wisdom and
an awareness that will absolutely help you take your life and business to a quantum leap. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don’t miss the chance.
K. Roberts - Cherry Creek, Colorado
It is wonderful to experience something that is truly so positive, motivating and to learn the principals, tools and strategies as taught in your program is life changing.  I am grateful for the  step by step process  that walks us through this process, from identifying our core desires, dreams and then making sure that they are constructive and worthy for not just ourselves, but for others, to  accepting fears as part of the process and walking through them,  etc.   All of it makes so much sense that Life now has so much more hope and excitement!  I know that I am living from my core.  It was always there, but it is exciting to learn how to access it.  I can see how each part of the process, from the recordings to the workbook exercises and the coaching sessions with your are essential.  The group lessons and laser coaching keeps us focused and moving forward.  The calls are very positive for all of us and are invaluable.   I feel so blessed to have something in my life that is guiding me to a much more fulfilling and creative life.  Thank you, thank you, for recognizing our need for guidance, direction and support.  Your positive example, guidance, patience and commitment to us changing our life and this process is a gift.  In such a short time I can already see changes in attitude and outlook, not just in myself, but in all our family….Jim and Neshaun and Samira.  I Am so looking forward to the rest of life and watching each life unfold joyously.
Thank you, You Are An Amazing Coach!
E.R. Jones - Colorado Springs, Colorado
My life and my self-image has transformed in a big way since I began working with Jacquelyn.  I learned that life is much easier when you know the system for success, and how to live from your core. I discovered more about myself than I thought possible, I learned to face my fears and do a lot of forgiving.  I am a changed person, living happier and more prosperous as I continue to grow.  I am tremendously grateful every day for her wisdom and coaching and how she has helped my change my life.
R. Snyder - Lakewood, Colorado
I love working with Jacquelyn at Success 2 Life Coach.  As a person, she is very compassionate and encouraging.  As a coach, she is very well educated and super motivating.  She will hold you accountable and has plenty of exercises and worksheets to help you zero in on your core values and needs.  I always feel like I can achieve anything after a session with Jacquelyn. That famous quote from Karen Lamb can apply to working with Jacquelyn, “A year from now you may have wished you started today.”  I highly recommend working with Jacquelyn @ Success 2 Life Coach.
L. Williamson - Westminster, Colorado
Thank you for inviting my wife and I to be apart of the Dream Builders program.  I can’t say enough about this it was worth every penny.  Doing this program together with my wife has already had many benefits, one of which was to watch her come into her own and begin to believe in herself.  I have been a part of other programs which make you feel euphoric for a moment but provide no actual real life applications.  This program on the other hand does exactly that it helped us not only with our perspectives it also provided ways to help us see the results of our submission to the wisdom in the lessons.  I was able to watch my wife go from thinking she didn’t know how to dream to seeing there was actually a unrealized dream already there waiting to be realized.  The happiness and joy felt from this realization was so profound for both of us that if we wouldn’t have received any other benefits from this program at all it would have been worth it.  For me knowledge is power, this knowledge has helped me to believe in myself, it has helped me to move forward with the dreams just sitting there waiting in the someday file.  The tools we have learned from this program will continue to change and mold us both of our lives from here on out.  I now see a life full and abundant.
K. Halvorsen - Broomfield, Colorado
Jacquelyn’s private coaching has literally transformed our life from night to day.  Working with her has moved my wife and I to the next level in our relationship and our business.  The shifting energy and results continue to be phenomenal; my confidence continues to increase along with our self-image.  We are happier and calmer from a deeper place.  Our relationships have improved and continue to grow.  Our business profits have tripled in the last ten months.   We now have tools and strategies to work out adversities with ease.  Our productivity levels have increased. Together we have achieved things that I thought  were impossible in less than one year.  Our lives keeps getting better and better and I know this is just the very beginning of an exciting journey for us.  I am so grateful to Jacquelyn for every second she spends reaching couples and families to shift our lives in such a positive and beautiful way.
M. and R. Coleman - Castle Rock, Colorado
When I first reached out to Jacquelyn, my life was in shambles: I was struggling with medical issues that were the result of a car accident and my husband had recently left leaving me with our two small children. To say my future was bleak is an understatement.  I joined Jacquelyn’s private coaching and DreamBuilder program. Almost immediately, I began to notice positive changes in myself and my life. Jacquelyn helped me recognize and change my paradigm of always being a victim of circumstance and I became a conscious creator of my future. The introductory weeks helped me define my purpose. I went from having a vague idea about writing a self-help book to a clear picture of the entire program I am developing. The coaching and program are invaluable as they keep me focused, motivated and inspired. I highly recommend Jacquelyn to anyone seeking to improve their life.
J. Peterson - Santa Monica, California
Jacquelyn helped me get over my fear of failure and take small steps toward my dreams. I now have a successful job in the medical field, overcoming my addictions, bad credit and large debt.  I feel so much more confident. I don’t get hung up on my fears, I now embrace them and move forward. In such a short period of time I have made tremendous progress. Jacquelyn is a fantastic Coach.
G.W. Reese - Westchester, New York
I felt I had no options and powerless to make any significant changes in my life. Through coaching with Jacquelyn, I discovered my passion for working with the handicapped, volunteerism and community service.  I now run my own community food-bank center for the homeless and poor. I love what I am doing and get up every day with energy and purpose.  I am forever grateful for her guidance.
C. Phillips - Paige, Arizona
My business was in the dumps and Jacquelyn empowered me to recognize my talents and opportunities. I was able to organize my operations, sales, better showcase my strengths, bring a higher quality of service and commitment to my customers.  As a result I’ve created a very profitable remodeling business. My profits have exploded and I now have a lifestyle that I never thought possible.
B. Martin - Vail, Colorado

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