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Jacquelyn a Sought After Speaker and Trainer

Jacquelyn is available to speak to leadership, local and corporate groups, online-classes, summits and virtual learning events and also schedules time to deliver keynotes and live speaking events…favorite speaking topics include:

  • Soar from your Core Business Secrets 

  • 5 Keys to Unstoppable Success 

  • Go Soul Inside and Wealthy Outside

  •  Make Love and Money Grow

Jacquelyn’s Professional Bio 

Jacquelyn is a Master life and Business Strategist, with over three decades in building businesses and transforming lives. Jacquelyn is a sought after inspirational consultant, trainer, and speaker expertly guiding women, business owners and organizations to create personal and professional change, from the power of their authenticity. She is best known for empowering the greatness within that creates profound internal shifts from the soul at accelerated rates. Jacquelyn has built three successful businesses and continues to serve as a strategic adviser to many hundreds of women, business owners and organizations. A graduate of UCLA with Master certifications in Strategic Intervention, Life Master, Relationship and Executive Business Consulting. Jacquelyn teaches a proven step by step formula that build success, breaks income barriers and raises leaders to build thriving organizations and a life of fulfillment. Her in-depth expertise enables her to help leaders thrive in an ever-changing world. Jacquelyn is a compassionate honored mentor whose mission is to help women in every economic condition worldwide transform the quality of their lives.

Her focus is to help you soar in business and life, to inspire you to claim your deepest desires with confidence and conviction. Her passion is teaching how to trust your internal power, break the through barriers you truly desire and engage the courage to take flight to your full potential.

Jacquelyn is the creator of the “Giving 2Success Initiative”…Through her “Giving 2Success Initiative,” each for profit training program is tied to a non-profit partner who supports women, the environment and entrepreneurship.

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